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  Sports 'N Social Connections
of Denver, Colorado
The Colorado Club for Active Seniors

Welcome to the Home of Sports 'n Social Connections.

This is a club for active 50+ seniors who enjoy both sporting and social activities.
The club is comprised of singles and couples who want to stay active and enjoy making new friends.


View our Event Calendar

If you are interested in seeing all of the fun activities this club has to offer, just click on the Event Calendar tab above. This will show you all of the events planned for the current month. If you scroll to the right you will be able to see future months.

To obtain more information about an individual event, click on the desired activity on the Event Calendar and a more detailed description will appear. 

You can register for an event, as a guest, by contacting our current Membership Coordinator, Patti Kent, at
    303-475-7796 or at

 Some of the many sporting activities in SSC!
2022 Wreaths of America 

2022, Jan 8th, Wreath Across America - Wreath Clean Up
Enjoying a summer concertCrowd enjoying the music.  
SSC members enjoying social activities!
2022 Happy Hour at Route 40
2022 Tour of the Meow Museum




 Click Here to Learn More about SSC Social Activities

            2022 Golf Scramble at Homestead GC
We're looking forward to having you golf with us!

            SSC Volunteering at the Rocky Mtn Food Bank

2022 Bowling Bonanza